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      Keyun’s all new logo will debut at CAC Shanghai 2017, will establish its position as professional supplier of Baculoviral Insecticides in the world

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      Keyun (Henan Jiyuan Baiyun Industry Co. Ltd.), the professional supplier of baculoviral insecticides, will present its all new logo and launch the baculoviral insecticide —Plutellavex? for the control of diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella) at the upcoming 18th China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition (CAC 2017 3A01-3B01).

      The new logo retains “Keyun biocontrol,” with the bright sunshine bursting out between the two leaves symbol, the visual center of the graphics, giving off the warmth and light of the sun shining over the earth and nourishing all living things to grow, endowing them with a thriving vitality.

      The new logo underlines the fact that Keyun provides a healthy and better quality life to people by using the wisdom bestowed by nature.

      The blue color represents the vast sky and rational scitech, implying Keyun’s strong brand strength and advanced technology. The green color represents broad land, vigor of life and green ecology, delivering Keyun’s philosophy of pursuing the harmony between human and nature.

      The director of global marketing of Keyun, Mr. Yingjie Zhou, said Keyun has remained devoted to the R&D and market development of baculoviral insecticides and application technologies ever since the establishment of the company.

      As Keyun’s baculoviral products are exported to many countries now, Keyun has evolved into a stronger supplier of baculoviral insecticides in the world. The new logo will significantly help in making the company even more popular, and will prove to be an important milestone in further consolidating our market position in China as well as in developing the international market.

      During the CAC 2017, Keyun will feature its exclusively-produced baculoviral insecticide Plutellavex? for the control of the diamondback month, a major in cruciferious vegetables.

      Plutellavex? employs a unique mode of action that is highly effective in controlling the diamondback moth. The active ingredient of Plutellavex?is a naturally occurring granulovirus that infects diamondback moth larvae without affecting the environment. Diamondback moth larvae feeding on vegetables can be infected by Plutellavex? by ingesting the virus particles deposited on the plant. An infected early-instar larva dies within 3-4 days as the virus replicates quickly within its body, destroying its internal organs. In addition, when it dies, its body disintegrates, releasing billions of new virus particles that may then be ingested by other larvae of the same or later generations feeding in the same area.

      As the virus is very specific for the diamondback moth, it is safe to human beings, beneficial insects, fishes or other non-target organisms, and its use does not hurt the environment, leaving zero residue and zero Post-harvest Interval. Unlike common chemicals, there will not be resistance concerns even if Plutellavex? is applied over a long-term. Therefore, Plutellavex? can be used in not only organic and green vegetable production but for the control of diamondback moth that has become highly resistant to chemicals.

      About Keyun (Henan Jiyuan Baiyun Industry Co. Ltd.)

      Henan Jiyuan Baiyun Industry Co., Ltd., China’s largest R&D and production base of baculovirus based bio-insecticides, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in production of baculoviral bio-pesticides and invested by Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in the year of 1998.

      Contact: For more information, please visit our website: www.keyunnpv.cn or contact Yingjie Zhou at +86 138 3894 0984 or zhouyingjie@keyunnpv.cn.

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