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      HJBI launches Keyun PxGV insecticidal Virus against Diamondback Moth in China

      Source: Author: Date: 2016/06/24 Views:

      Henan Jiyuan Baiyun Industry Co.,Ltd(HJBI)Launches Keyun PxGV insecticidal Virus against Diamondback Moth in China

      Biopesticide company HJBI Launches Keyun PxGV insecticidalVirus against Diamondback Moth in China


      HJBI(HenanJiyuan Baiyun Industry Co.,Ltd), a leading manufacturer of a broad range of baculovirus based insecticides announced the launch of the biopesticide Keyun PxGV insecticidal virus in China for the control of diamondback moth(Plutellaxylostella), a major pest of cruciferous vegetables.

      The active ingredient of Keyun PxGV is a naturally occurring granulovirus that infects diamondback moth larvae without impacting the environment. Diamondback moth larvae feeding on vegetables could be infected by Keyun PxGV by ingesting the virus particles deposited on the plant. An infected early instar larva dies within 3-4 days as the virus replicates quickly within its body, destroying itsinternal organs. When it dies, its body disintegrates, releasing billions of new virus particles which may be ingested by other larvae of the same or later generations feeding in the same area. Keyun PxGV has been successfully used by big vegetables growers in several provinces of China, such as Zhejiang, Fujian, Henan, Guangdong, Yunan to control diamondback moth in cruciferous vegetables.

      “Diamondback moth is a global insect that attacks cruciferous vegetables, such as cauliflower, cabbage etc., causing significantly economic loss,” said Dr. FengZhengqun, product development manager, “Due to the misuse of chemicals, this insect has developed high resistance to many synthetic chemicals, even to Bt in some regions. A bio-pesticide like Keyun PxGV, however, employs a novel mode of action that’s highly effective in controlling diamondback moth. Numerous field trials have proven that Keyun PxGV has over 80% efficacy in controlling diamondback moth. Due to its feature of zero residue, Keyun PxGV not only fits in organic farming, but also can be incorporated in resistance management programs.”

      So far, HJB Iis the only company that can manufacture Plutella xylostella granulovirus in the world. Following its successful registration and market development in China, many field trials in other countries includingThailand, Malaysia, Israel and South Africa are ongoing.

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