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      4% Keyunmycin AS



      Keyunmycin is the stress resistant inducer of uridine nucleoside dipeptide which increases the resistance of plants to stress caused by diseases or climatic conditions etc.; increases nutrients uptake; improves immunity of plants; kills pathogens directly; prevents and controls bacterial and viral diseases of plants; promotes plants growth and improves yields.

      Target Diseases

      Black Streaked Dwarf Virus of Rice, Damping-off of cucumber, Mosaic Virus of cucumber, Fusarium wilt of wax gourd, Virus disease of wax gourd, Stem rot of tomato, Virus diseases of tomato, Virus diseases of capsicum and pimiento, Powdery mildew of kidney bean (legume), Soft rot of cabbage, Downy mildew of lettuce, Virus diseases of potato, Scab of pear and apple, Ring rot of pear and apple, Powdery mildew of grape, Rust of grape, Downy mildew of grape, Citrus canker, Mosaic disease of banana, Scab of banana, Virus diseases of longan and litchi, Ring spot mosaic of papaya, Damping-off of Rice, Bacterial leaf blight of rice, Rice stripe virus disease, Powdery mildew of wheat, Sclerotinia blight of rape, Verticillium wilt of cotton, Black root rot of cotton, Tobacco mosaic virus disease, Wildfire of tobacco, Blister blight of tea.

      Note: Preventative stage application is critical for getting an ideal control efficacy.

      Dilution method: 400-800 folds depending on the crop canopy

      Packing: 25L/DRUM

      Field trials against tobacco mosaic virus

      Field trials against rice black streaked dwarf virus

      Field trials against chilli virus disease

      Field trials against cucumber angular leaf spot

      Field trials against tomato virus disease

      Field trials against celery root rot

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