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      Insect Pheromone Lure


      Keyun insect pheromone lure (Catalogue of Pheromone Lure.pdf ) is a type of chemical signals emitted by insects and other organisms that enable the organisms to communicate with other members of the same species. Pheromones are sometimes referred to as"perfumes", particularly those pheromones used to attract members of the opposite sex for purposes of mating. In insect control, pheromone can be used to attract insects to traps or they can be applied in artificially large amounts over a crop to confuse insects that they fail to find mates and thus fail to reproduce. Pheromone traps are used to monitor for the presence of pests, as control tools to capture insects, as confusants to disrupt insect mating and as lures to attract insects to insecticidal baits. Pheromone lures are packaged individually or in airtight bags. Pheromone can be used in fitted insect traps to lure and kill the insects into the traps. Isomeric purity is an important indicator of species specific attractancy for many insect pheromones. As a result of improving upon key stages of the synthesis process, Keyun’s chemists have in many instances successfully synthesized pheromones with the high isomeric purity.

      Field Life: With unique slow release technologies, the field life of Keyun insect pheromone lures can reach 4 to 8 weeks depending on the chemicals and environmental conditions.

      Recommended trap: Delta trap, Vertical trap, Wing trap, Unitrap or Water tray trap depending on body size of the insects.

      Application Quantity: 15-30 lures per Ha.

      Different pheromone lures with different traps

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