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      Mode of Action

      The active ingredient of Plutellavex is a naturally occurring granulovirus that infects diamondback moth larvae without polluting the environment. Diamondback moth larvae feeding on vegetables can be infected by Plutellavex by ingesting the virus particles depositing on the plant. An infected larva stops feeding as the virus replicates quickly within its body, destroying its internal organs. When it dies,its body disintegrates, releasing billions of new virus particles which may be ingested by other larvae of the same or later generations feeding in the same area. Plutellavex has been successfully used by big vegetables growers in several provinces of China, such as Gansu, Shanxi, Beijing, Henan, Guangdong and Yunan to control diamondback moth in cruciferous vegetables.

      Concentration: 30 billion OB/ml

      Crops: cruciferous vegetables

      Target pest: Plutella xylostella (diamondback moth)

      Product features: highly specific; no development of resistance; no harm to natural enemies; no residue and can be applied up to and including the day of harvest and storage.

      Packing: 25L/DRUM

      Dilution: 1ml per 300ml water

      To make sure the control efficacy, Plutella xylostella pheromone lure is recommended to monitor the pest occurrence for timing the best application.

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